According to Army Contracting Command's senior noncommissioned officer there's something missing in the command and he wants Soldiers and civilians to help him find it.

"The first time I was in a meeting here and we stood up and saluted the commander there was silence," said ACC Command Sgt. Maj David M. Puig. "Traditionally, after a meeting with the commanding general you stand, salute and sound off with the unit rally call. It's a sign of respect to the officer and to the unit."

Puig wants members of the command to help fill that silence by offering suggestions for a unit motto. A rally cry, he said, is representative to what is important to the command.

"Units have rally cries that enable and bolster esprit de corps within the unit. It's something the unit can gravitate to, helps bond them together and bring them closer," Puig said.

"Members of the 101st Airborne Division's 506th Infantry Regiment always respond with 'Currahee,' a Cherokee word that translates to stand alone," he said. "When they salute, it's what they sound off with. It's a team builder and a testament to their command. When a paratrooper salutes and says 'airborne' or when someone in the 82nd (Airborne Division) says 'all the way,' it's significant. Every unit should have one. This is one of the first units I've been at that doesn't have one."

Puig said it's time to change that.

The command's official motto, 'Armati, Comparator, Custos' is Latin and is loosely translated to Soldiers guarding Soldiers through careful purchase.

"It doesn't roll off the tongue and isn't hard hitting," said Puig. "I'm not sure it truly grasps the heartstrings of what this command does. My challenge to members of the command is to come up with a rally cry that is easy to say, rolls off the tongue, is impactful and powerful and represents the command--something folks are proud to say. This command is young and now is the time to start forming the history of this command. We can develop a motto now that last for decades."

Puig said entries should be no more than two or three words. Each entry should include a name and the submitter's unit. Entries are to be mailed to the with ACC rally cry in the subject line. Entries will be consolidated and discussed by a senior leader panel. Entries must be submitted by August 29. The submitter will receive special recognition from the ACC commanding general, Maj. Gen. Ted Harrison, and Puig.

"Bring me your ideas of a rally cry that represent this command," Puig said. "I don't want us to continue standing at the end of a meeting saluting, dead air and everyone go their own way. That's not our military customs, history or traditions and frankly it's not the way we do business in the Army."