CAMP ZAMA, Japan (July 29, 2014) -- Thirty-one children of U.S. Army Garrison Japan employees had an opportunity to visit their parents' work place and see what their parents do at work during the third annual "Bring Your Children to Work Day" event held July 25 on the Camp Zama installation, here.

Col. Joy Curriera, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan, said it was important for all of the Garrison employees, both military and civilian, and American and Japanese to have an opportunity for their children to see where they work.

Sydney Chioino, the granddaughter of Alan Domingo, the dining facility manager on Camp Zama, got to experience food preparation for breakfast at the Camp Zama Dining Facility.

"I served people their food," said Chioino, "I think (my grandfather's) job is cool."

"I showed her that our customers come first," said Domingo.

"I have never realized how busy my mom actually is at work until today," said Aya Obara, a Japanese USAG-J employee's daughter.

Ryuko Izumi, Japanese USAG-J employee, said "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" is a great opportunity for her daughter to see where she works daily.

"I observed how my mother deals with a variety of tasks, daily," said Himawari Izumi, Ryuko Izumi's daughter.

"It is said that children grow as they look at the back of their parents," said Izumi.

After a morning of learning their parents' work duties, the children meet at the Camp Zama Community Club for a short brief by Curriera and Command Sgt. Maj. Katrina M. Najee, USAG-J command sergeant major.

"Each and every member of our workforce does a very important job as part of a greater team," said Curriera.

The children ended their day watching several demonstrations of jobs that help keep the installation in working order.