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accelerate Magazine profiles the people, events, products and services that comprise the ground systems integration hub. TARDEC's engineers and scientists are rapidly developing solutions to ensure that the Ground Vehicle Enterprise remains at the forefront of technology development and engineering and systems integration. Our research and development (R&D) community is dedicated to enhancing the lethality, survivability and sustainability of our Soldiers wherever the battlefield or mission takes them. accelerate Magazine will bring you inside the R&D community to provide insight into these innovative programs, product developments and partnerships.

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accelerate Magazine Writer's Guidelines

accelerate Magazine is a quarterly professional journal published by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), the Department of Defense organization responsible for common ground systems integration.



6501 East Eleven Mile Rd.

Bldg. 200A, Rm. A-1116, MS #206

Warren, MI 48397-5000

Editorial staff contact information is:

Phone: (586) 282-0724 or (586) 282-6534

Fax: (586)838-2360



To instruct members of the ground systems community about relevant technology; research, development, engineering and systems integration; and innovative business processes for managing technology and to disseminate other information pertinent to the ground systems workforce's professional development.

Subject Matter

Subjects may include, but are not restricted to, research and development initiatives, engineering integration initiatives, program accomplishments, technology developments, business transformation, policy guidance and technology excellence. All articles must be in compliance with security, export control and operations security (OPSEC) requirements. Our forces deserve the technological overmatch capabilities being developed at the Army's research, development and engineering centers, and we owe it to them to field systems that are unsurpassed and reliable. Our goal is to publish these successes in our magazine.

OPSEC Review Process

All articles prepared by government employees must: be reviewed and approved by the responsible supervisor; undergo a security classification, export control and OPSEC review (Security Threat Assessment (STA) Form 7114); and be approved for public release (Distribution A: Approved for public release). All articles prepared by a contractor or academician under contract to the U.S. government must be reviewed and approved by his or her Contracting Office Technical Representative; undergo a security classification, export control and OPSEC review (STA Form 7114); and be approved for public release (Distribution A: Approved for public release). An individual may use his or her organizational OPSEC review form. If the individual does not have access to an OPSEC review form, the U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command STA Form 7114 will be used and attached to the author's submission.

Submission Procedures

Articles must not exceed 1,600 words. Manuscripts are to be prepared in Microsoft Word and should comprise approximately eight typed, double-spaced pages using a 20-line page and Times New Roman 12-point font.

Given counterterrorism and counterintelligence concerns, personally identifiable information about who has participated in a project and where tests have been conducted must be protected. Photographers' names and organizations are to be included for each photo submitted. Artwork must be accessible for editing and not embedded in the manuscript. Illustrations and photographs may be submitted via e-mail to All electronic photo files must have a minimum 300-dpi resolution and provided in TIFF or JPEG format. The higher the resolution, the better. If they do not meet these requirements, glossy prints of all photos must be submitted via U.S. mail, FedEx, etc., to the address listed on this page. Photos and illustrations will not be returned.

Acronyms used in manuscripts, photos, illustrations and captions must be kept to a minimum and spelled out on first reference.

Articles submitted to accelerate will not be accepted if they have been scheduled for publication in other magazines.

All submissions must include the author's and photographer's mailing address, e-mail address and office phone number.

Biographical Sketch

Include a short (approximately 65 words or less) biographical profile of the author's credentials that includes current position, educational background and other certifications earned, if applicable. The author may also include relevant awards or recognitions. The biographical sketch must also undergo an OPSEC review and will not include information about security clearances or special access programs.