ROSE BARRACKS, Germany -- It was a day of fun in the sun for the Troopers and families of 2nd Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment as they attended the 2014 Kirwa Fest at Sorghof, Germany on July 26, 2014.

The festival is celebrated for three days and marks the birth of the community's church and gives an opportunity for the unit to show their gratitude for a local township that has supported the squadron for the last two years.

"Our squadron has had a relationship with the town of Sorghof since 2012," said Lt. Col. Theodore A. Johnson, 2nd Sqdn. commander. "However, we have had Americans living in this community for decades and we truly appreciate the Sorghof community's hospitality and welcoming of our Soldiers."

This partnership was never more prevalent than when the Troops showed up to help with the ceremonial raising of the tree at the start of the fest.

"We had over 30 Soldiers volunteer to come out and help us raise the tree this year," said Lt. Col. Johnson. "It was a unique and incredible cultural experience for all of us."

Johnson further described what was to be his favorite experience thus far.

"So far, the raising of the Kirwa tree was incredible and unlike anything I have experienced before," said Lt. Col. Johnson.

Command Sgt. Maj. Peter D. Johnson, 2nd Sqdn. senior enlisted advisor, was in attendance alongside Lt. Col. Johnson and spoke about how the squadron would be involved in the rest of the weekend's festivities.

"Some of the Soldiers that live in the community will probably come and participate in the church service tomorrow," said Command Sgt. Maj. Johnson. "The Sorghof community also invited us to participate in the parade for fallen German Soldiers."

After the tree was raised, families took a couple of hours to enjoy the eateries and festivities that were offered at the fest before the ceremonial 'Tapping of the Keg.'

"Tonight, Command Sgt. Maj. Johnson and I will be doing the ceremonial 'Tapping of the Keg', which, will kick off tonight's festivities," said Lt. Col. Johnson. "So we are really looking forward to that."

With the end of the first day events coming to a close, Lt. Col. Johnson emphasized what he wants the Troopers, whom participated in the fest, to take away from their experiences.

"Being away from the United States, the Sorghof community provides that much needed sense of community for our Soldiers and their families as well as unique cultural experiences that they can carry with them throughout their careers," said Lt. Col. Johnson.

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