Warrant Officers from across Bagram, Afghanistan held a Warrant Officer Professional Development class July 12.The guest speaker for the event was Command Sgt. Maj. Edward A. Bell, command sergeant major of the 3d Sustainment Command Expeditionary. The topic of the WOPD was the interaction between Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.Bell began the WOPD with a brief introduction about himself."I came in the Army in 1987 and in 1989 I went to 37th Engineers," said Bell. "I ran into a Warrant Officer by the name of Chief Winston Noel. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Noel invested in me as a young specialist and really taught me a lot, not only about being a Soldier but about being a man. I will tell you what we do every single day is about Soldiers, it's about people."After his introduction Bell talked about the prestige of the NCO and Warrant Officer Corps, and said it was important that both work together."We have to find out what our purpose is as a team, and how we can collectively make sure that the organization is set up for success," said Bell. "Warrant Officer town hall committees are absolutely invaluable; it's where you come together for your professional development, lessons learned and providing mentorship to each other. But as NCOs we need you; we need you to keep training us and providing that technical expertise."Bell also stressed the importance of standards and discipline during his speech."We have to make sure everyone adheres to baseline standards of being a Soldier," said Bell. That includes everything we do collectively as NCOs and Warrant Officers. Everyone is watching us, so we have to set the standard every single day."Chief Warrant Officer 2 Amanda Weidler, a theater airdrop technician with the 3d ESC, said she liked Bell's speech, and said she felt it was essential to lead by example."Our job as Officers, Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers is to lead by example and to influence those around us in a positive manner," said Weidler. "Living up to the Army values and standards as well as mentoring those around us will make subordinates and peers alike emulate us and [inspire] them to follow us."Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ryan Fitzpatrick, the G4 senior ordnance ground maintenance warrant officer with the 3d ESC also enjoyed Bell's speech and said he found it motivational."I really enjoyed CSM Bell's speech, he is a true professional that has the gift to enlighten and motivate any Soldier," said Fitzpatrick. "His speech re-emphasized the importance of the Warrant Officer Corps not only to the mission, but to the future of young Soldier's striving to be like us."Bell ended his speech by thanking the Warrant Officers for the opportunity to speak and for their service to the Nation. After his speech he was presented with a letter of appreciation to thank him for his mentorship during the WOPD.