Killeen, Texas -- "One more rep! You can do it! Dig deep!" echoed through the gym of Timber Ridge Elementary School here.

Soldiers of the Medical Training Task Force, 479th Field Artillery Brigade, Division West volunteered grading a grueling physical fitness test developed and sponsored by professional football player, Evan Oglesby formerly of the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens, and Miami Dolphins to combat childhood obesity and spread awareness against bullying during a YMCA camp.

"We enjoyed showing the kids Army physical activities as well as team work through cheering each other on as each one performed the exercise," said Sgt. Luis Molinar, from El Paso, TX., operations noncommissioned officer at the MTTF. "This showed them how to work together in a way to combat bullying. It was a day filled with energy, excitement, and learning experiences."

MTTF Soldiers graded the children in events that included push-ups, sit-ups, and hurdle jumps for 30 seconds per event. Students also learned the importance of anti-bullying through the "I'm Bully Free" program in which the Soldiers served as Bully Bear.

"It felt really good to engage in and show concerns against bullying and to support their healthy lifestyles through physical activity," said Sgt. Kristal Restrepo, from Houston, Texas, personnel noncommissioned officer with the MTTF.

Both programs are scheduled to be given two more times during the summer to ensure the children remain focused on living healthy lifestyles to combat childhood obesity and bullying.