REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. --Lisa J. Stangle has been named a recipient of the 2013 Army Materiel Command Louis Dellamonica Award. Stangle is the deputy director, Aviation Contracts, Army Contracting Command-Redstone Arsenal here.

The award is presented to those who have significantly contributed to AMC's mission and overarching goals and objectives. Nominees are judged on how their initiatives measurably improve their work environment and AMC's mission, how they motivate and inspire fellow employees to improve or increase the quality of their own work, and how well they are viewed by peers, subordinates, and supervisors.

"I am extremely humbled to be recognized with this award," said Stangle. "It is truly an honor to be recognized as a member of the AMC team who has contributed to the improvement of the work environment and inspired others to increase the quality of their work. I view this award as recognition of the efforts of the exceptional team of individuals I work with in ACC-RSA. They are dedicated to the Army's mission to support our Soldiers."

Stangle said the long hours she puts in daily do have a cost.

"My family often sacrifices family time because of the demands of my job so I think they are happy to see me recognized for my efforts," she said. "My 'work' family has also been very supportive and several of them attended the ceremony to cheer me on. That meant a lot to me."

According to her nomination letter, Stangle worked complicated and critical issues with numerous Department of Defense agencies to pursue acquisition strategies and solutions that are in the best interest of the Army aviation community. Her efforts--leading a team of more than 200 personnel--in negotiating, awarding and administering more than 6,000 actions and $11.8 billion in support of Program Executive Office - Aviation, the Army's largest acquisition portfolio.

"Ms. Stangle's accomplishments and achievements show that she has performed at the highest levels of professionalism," said Rebecca Weirick, executive director, ACC- Redstone. She encourages self development, a fun work environment and has a caring, trusting relationship with her employees. Because of the way she manages and leads, her employees love her, her supervisors respect and admire her and her customers all depend upon her."

During the same time period, the nomination states Stangle served as a co-coach for the Excellence in Government Fellows program, coaching leaders and senior journeyman across the service on innovative management and leadership skills, leading benchmarking of high-performing organizations and developing customized strategies for addressing their individual development needs.

"Ms. Stangle has demonstrated exceptional leadership, resourcefulness and business acumen, which significantly enhanced daily organizational functions," wrote Maj. Gen. Ted Harrison, commanding general, Army Contracting Command in her nomination letter. "Her actions exemplify the high standard of services we provide to our customers and the war fighters."

This annual award is presented in honor of Louis Dellamonica, a general engineer who worked at the Hawthorne Army Depot for 65 years. His career exemplifies integrity, innovation, leadership and outstanding dedication to AMC's mission.

"My career goals have become much more focused on the impact I can have on growth of those who follow me in the contracting profession," said Stangle who has more than 30 years of contracting experience. "As a part of the Excellence in Government Leadership Program we were asked to prepare a legacy statement. Mine reads - All that she said and did was a positive influence upon others, instilling her core values of respect, integrity, fairness, compassion, social responsibility and empathy. She touched me by listening when I needed her ear, gave me guidance when I asked for her help, hugged me when I needed comfort, challenged me when I needed to question my actions or needed to take a firm stance on an issue, encouraged me to be more than I thought I could be and set an example by living her core values."