ADELPHI, Md. - Ten college students working as summer interns at Army Research Laboratory recently earned awards including cash and valuable additions to their budding resumes by writing and presenting scientific papers at the Army's premier research laboratory here.

This was the second year for the lab's Summer Student Research Symposium at the Adelphi Laboratory Center. Students working as summer interns wrote papers describing their work and the results of their research. The papers were evaluated by a review panel from the directorate in which the students worked. The top undergraduate and graduate students from each directorate presented their papers to the ARL workforce. The ARL director and ARL fellows panel judged the papers and presentations to select gold, silver, and bronze winners in the undergraduate and graduate categories. Winners received cash awards of $500 for gold, $300 for silver and $200 for bronze as well as a medallion. Mentors of the winning students received plaques.

Director John Miller told the student interns they can look forward to great careers as engineers and scientists.

"It was exciting to see some of the work you are doing," Miller said to the students. "Whether you come back to ARL or not, you have a great career in front of you. Of course, we hope you come back to ARL."

The lab also produced a technical memorandum students may cite on their resumes. Volume I will include the final reports presented at the Student Symposium. Volume II will include all abstracts from submitted papers.

Miller said that when he was a student, he participated in a similar symposium and wrote and presented a research paper. He said that when he was interviewing for jobs after graduation, recruiters and interviewers were impressed that he had written and presented a paper.

"Use it," he advised. "It means something to have."

Winners in the undergraduate category were:
Gold: "Development of Miniaturized Photoacoustic Chemical Sensor" by John Bender (Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate), University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Mentor: Ellen Holthoff.

Silver: "Photogrammetry Technique for Wing Deformation" by Aaron Harrington (Vehicle Technology Directorate), University of Maryland at College Park, Mentor: Chris Kroniger.

Bronze: John Zumbrum (Weapons and Materials Research Directorate), Rose Hallman Institute Mentor: Todd Bierke Title: "Dynamic Fracture in Glass"

Winners in the graduate category were:
Gold: "Novel Thin Film materials for Tunable Device Applications" by Claire Weiss (WMRD), University of Connecticut, Mentor: Melanie Cole.

Silver: "Robotic Intelligent Control System with Human Inspired Plan Selection" by Eric Dimperio (Human Research and Engineering Directorate), University of Indiana, Mentor: Troy Kelly.

Bronze: "Low Re Number Aero Performance Analysis Tank" by John Gerdes (VTD), University of Maryland at University Park, Mentor: Chris Kroniger.