Training Program Specialist
Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving, Ground Workforce Development

Describe your current position:
As a training program specialist my job is to ensure all employees have completed their annual mandatory training. I help employees register for courses. I created a presentation with step-by-step instructions to help have 100 percent completion all of training courses. I also assist with special projects and will answer or direct employees to the correct answer to any of their other training questions.

Describe your professional/education background:
I have a bachelor's of science degree in early childhood/elementary education. This degree has helped to make a strong influence in my current role in workforce development. I work one-on-one with employees to best accommodate them in registering for or taking their classes. I will take the time to sit with employees and show them how to properly take or update their training in any of our training systems. I try to improve on my customer service skills by continuously answering phone calls, emails and face-to-face requests. I also try to take as many online customer service courses as I can to learn new best-practices for this position.

Tell us more:
I currently live in Bel Air, Maryland, but am proud to say that I grew up in Annapolis. I enjoy spending time in Annapolis at the harbor with friends and family, trips to the beach, learning about model trains and attending train shows. I've also enjoyed learning about old cars and attending car shows.

How does your job support the Soldier:
I feel my job helps the Soldier by making sure the workforce keeps up with their training to be certified in their positions.