The 959th Quartermaster Detachment traveled from Fort Knox to participate in a Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise, or QLLEX, at Fort A. P. Hill, Va., from June 4-20, where it provided petroleum laboratory support. The 959th QM Det. sent two teams of five personnel to participate in the QLLEX, where they were attached to the 475th Quartermaster Petroleum Group, and provided petroleum laboratory testing support to bulk fuel sites on Fort A.P. Hill. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joanie Cassidy, Petroleum Systems Technician, described the QLLEX. "It's an annual training exercise that brings all aspects of petroleum operations together to accomplish an overall real world mission." In addition to Fort A. P. Hill, the QLLEX also encompassed training at Fort Pickett, Va., and at Langley Air Force Base, Va. Cassidy continued on to emphasize the importance of teamwork between units. "It was critical that units responsible for petroleum storage, transportation, and testing supported each other to complete the mission." "We got to test fuel samples, conduct correlation testing, and evaluate equipment readiness," said 1st Lt. Mario Jones, commander of the Knox detachment. "We were also exposed to how the Air Force and National Guard units test fuel. "For example, there is a test where the Army Soldiers have to shake a bottle filled with a mix of petroleum and water for five minutes, while the Air Force has a machine that shakes the bottle for them," explained Jones. "It really opened my eyes to the training value we would gain from attending future QLLEX exercises." "The training gave us the opportunity to test our ability to deploy and do our jobs in a joint environment," said Cassidy.