The 98th Training Division (IET) hosted a multi-service, multi component combatives tournament at the Griffith Field House and Fitness Center here June 7-8.

Army, Air Force and Marines participated in this multi-service event that featured service members from the reserve, National Guard and active components.

"When the military goes to war, it goes to war together. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines all work together to complete our mission. This combatives tournament is a representation of our military and how all the services and components work together," said Command Sgt. Maj. Carrie Cieslak, the 98th Division Combative Academy command sergeant major.

Competitors were divided into eight weight classes before the tournament. From lightest to heaviest: bantamweight, flyweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, cruiserweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight.

The event took several months to organize, the facilities had to be available and the participants ready to compete. Leadership from the 98th Division stepped up to ensure the event ran smoothly.

"We coordinated with Soldiers who came here for their [active duty training] to help us set up. A couple of months ago, we put up a flyer to get the word out about this event," said Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Cameron, the tournament's director. "Being on a joint base, we have the luxury of having contact with all the services enabling us to reach out to a variety of people."

The winners were from all components and services across the board.

"It feels pretty good winning an Army sponsored event. There were also a couple of Air Force guys here so it was even better because I'm in the Guard," said Sr. Airman Leon Jackson, winner of the heavyweight championship.