In the late morning, music filled the 401st Army Materiel Command chapel causing people to sway to the beat. A short prayer was said before Staff Sgt. Terriance Hamilton stepped up to the podium.Hamilton, the property noncommissioned officer in charge for the American Contract Air Transport Cell with the 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), provided the sermon for the worship service. Hamilton's energy was visible as he began with a song, his voice echoing across the chapel, before beginning his sermon.Hamilton's topic for the worship service was "the word". Hamilton began his sermon with a verse from the bible: In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.During his sermon, Hamilton told a story of him growing up and how people would make promises based on their word alone."There was a time when you gave someone your word and you were good, or your word meant something," said Hamilton. "Now, (in these days) your word is not enough."Hamilton said that although people's word or promise may not be enough today, people could still count on the word of God."The word is the definite answer to every question," said Hamilton. "All you need is the word."Sgt. 1st Class Ina Mccoy, the senior mortuary affairs noncommissioned officer with the 3d ESC, said she enjoyed Hamilton's sermon and said she would like to see him preach again."Staff Sgt. Hamilton's service was relatable and didn't go too far over your head," said Mccoy. "He was able to tie in his personal experiences in with scripture."Master Sgt. Lashay White, the Equal Opportunity noncommissioned officer in charge of the 3d ESC, enjoyed Hamilton's sermon as well."Staff Sgt. Hamilton is such an anointed man, and to listen to his testimony through his teachings is always uplifting," said White. "I would love to hear him again, he is an awesome speaker."Hamilton said he was asked to preach by Reverend Earl Lee of the 401st AFSB, and that it was his second time preaching a sermon for Lee."I was really overwhelmed when Rev. Lee asked me to preach," said Hamilton. "But I felt honored to preach, it was like God was saying I have been watching you study your bible since you've been in Afghanistan."While Hamilton said he was nervous when he first started to preach, he said the feeling quickly passed."I was very nervous when I started to preach because I saw the church was full of people," said Hamilton. "But God smiled on me and made me relax…it was a surreal feeling."