YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- In times with the rising interest of fire safety, USAG Yongsan fire department conducted a joint fire exercise with the soldiers of Combined Forces Command Service Support Group, June 12.

After the vital fire broke out at the friendship house, members of the CFC Service Support Group soldiers swiftly responded, following the manual. They called in the fire to the USAG Yongsan Fire Department, Yongsan Fire Station and 8th Army Military Police to start putting out the fire.

Two casualties were rescued from the kitchen and received medical procedure which was given by the CFC Service Support Group emergency team. Alex Temporado, USAG Yongsan fire department chief, left his remarks after the drill.

"I'm pretty satisfied with the overall result, the ROK soldiers and our firefighters showed the sense of urgency and the action was swift," Temporado said. "Yongsan is a unique installation. We have so many different representatives in here, all designated in numerous sections. Some of these departments can create a synergy effect by working together but may not just have the chance. This is the reason why we always try to work with our counterparts when we get the opportunity."

The purpose of the exercise was to enhance the initial response when a fire breaks out, and to put out the fire and establish a rescue operation system through close cooperation with the USAG Yongsan Fire Department and Yongsan Fire Station. Around 60 ROK and U.S servicemen and women, two fire engines, a breakdown truck, and an ambulance participated.