FORT JACKSON, S.C. (June 26, 2014) -- Fort Jackson's fourth annual FMWR Natural Bodybuilding, Physique and Figure Competition is scheduled for 6 p.m., Saturday at the Solomon Center. Admission is free.

There are many types of body building shows, but one style gaining popularity is natural body building. Since its conception, the FMWR Natural Bodybuilding, Physique and Figure Competition has set the pace, encouraging competitors to see what their bodies can do with clean eating and balanced exercise.

More and more bodybuilding competitors look at the potential harm their body could encounter from outside enhancements. Internal organ and muscle damage are real consequences bodybuilders could experience. Athletes can avoid this by using clean nutrition and exercise as the foundation and platform in building the body naturally.

Two of the athletes in Saturday's competition agreed that dedication to consistent training makes the difference. Sgt. Brandon Dussia, a returning competitor and physical therapist at Troop Medical Clinic, and Staff Sgt. Alexander Kenney, Moncrief Army Community Hospital, said they both find it challenging to exercise faithfully and consume foods void of ingredients that prompt weight gain. Both said the process was hard initially, but gradually became easier as their bodies transformed to leaner physiques.

Kenney said he is on an eating schedule of consuming lean proteins such as broiled chicken and steamed broccoli every three hours. The regimen of eating every three hours and executing well designed exercise plans are keys to achieving cuts and definition bodybuilders strive for.

As medical personnel, both Dussia and Kenney constantly read information about steroids and supplements. They said they know it is not hard to put on size if you have a helper and that clean eating does not play as big a role if you are not a natural body builder. Aside from the workout, supplements typically are what transforms the body rapidly.

However, both competitors agree that when you eat wrong you are always trying to catch up. They said that building your body naturally is not the easy route but it is a better and more rewarding route.

"It shows more want", Dussia said. "Anyone can cheat and inject something to become massive quickly."