As the discussion on future mobility intensifies, the latest issue of accelerate Magazine offers insights into where TARDEC and, the Army in general, intend to take this essential capability.

Articles such as Future Mobility (pg. 4) and the Warfighter Panel (pg. 20) provide a view shared by many in the Army - that vehicles and equipment for the next generation of warfighters need to be more agile, adaptable and self-supporting. This issue explores these and many other capabilities designed to ensure full-spectrum land dominance, answering such questions as:

* How does advanced propulsion for onboard power systems optimize electric power?
* How will the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker vehicles be modernized to remain combat ready?
* How will robots use energy intelligence systems to improve performance?
* Where have TARDEC and the Department of Energy found mutual research interests?
* How did college industrial design students help engineers and Soldiers envision future ground vehicle systems?
* How will TARDEC's 30-Year Strategy benefit tomorrow's warfighters?

accelerate Magazine covers innovation and integration programs and systems engineering development efforts by TARDEC and other agencies and collaborative partners throughout the research, development and engineering communities. These profiles of key ground system technology programs highlight the benefits of systems engineering and integration, and reveal trends about how subject-matter experts are applying potential solutions to protect our Soldiers and bring them home safely. We hope you enjoy this special edition.

Michael I. Roddin