ANSBACH, Germany (June 23, 2014) -- A new and improved classified ads section is now up and running at the U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach Official Homepage.

The classified ads section is the newest addition to the ever-expanding Ansbach Connection, which is a user-driven information hub on the USAG Ansbach website that features blogs, a community calendar, town hall feedback and, soon, a new chat feature.

"What USAG Ansbach is trying to do is create a single place for the community to sell things, purchase things, advertise giveaways, and when they are PCSing or ETSing, the ability to give away or sell their items," said Thomas B. Hamilton III, public affairs specialist and the webmaster for USAG Ansbach.

While several local outlets are available for classified ads via social media, USAG Ansbach's new ads section -- accessible from both and -- has notable advantages, said Hamilton.

Users can choose to either search or browse the more than 40 categories of items, or they can post and categorize their own items, along with photos. Also, whereas with other classified ads pages on social media where a user's item might soon disappear into an endless scrolling timeline after just a day or two, items on the USAG Ansbach ads section stay categorized for 14 days. After that time, the user can keep renewing the ad for as long as he or she likes. Users can post as many as 10 photos with each item.

Best of all, the classified ads are free and available to anyone at any time.

"My hope is that it becomes a central repository for items being sold, exchanged and given away by the community," said Hamilton. "It is a central location, but also it's another great way to interact with the community. Not only is there the classified ads, but there's more within the website like blogs, news, the community calendar and tons more."

Like other classified ads pages, users cannot sell weapons, rationed items, military-issued gear, or business-based products and services. A terms-of-use agreement at the page's entrance has the full list, but Hamilton stresses that these sorts of restrictions are standard among most classified ads sections across the military.

To help promote the new section, the first five people will receive gift certificates. The first person will receive one complimentary specialty coffee/espresso at the Katterbach Bowling Center, and four more will each receive a complimentary $3 car wash at the Urlas Automotive Skills Center.

Please note that ad requests will be approved between 18 and 24 hours after submission on working days, and on the next working day if submitted during the weekend timeframe (after 5 p.m. on Friday, for example).

For direct access, see the "Related Links" section to the right of this story. For questions, call 0981-1831600 or (DSN) 468-1600, or email