CAMP ZAMA, Japan (June 17, 2014) -- The Japanese Engineering District held their 20th annual "Safety Day" event on June 13, here.

The topics discussed were bed bugs, car and bike safety, disaster preparedness, ergonomics, handling fire extinguishers, healthy food choices and hiking at Mt. Fuji.

Staff Sgt Jason Whitehouse, JED, said the car safety brief was a good reminder of what can happen during an incident.

"Most people don't think about being prepared," said Whitehouse.

Paul Butler, an American Red Cross station manager, provided hands-on training for disaster preparedness. Butler demonstrated how to take care of an injured wrist and sprained ankle.

"Knowing how to respond to a vehicle or bicycle accident can be really helpful in an emergency situation," said Butler.

Community members had the opportunity to learn about the dangers of earthquakes and tsunamis, both are natural disasters that occur frequently in Japan.

"Having a dedicated day (for safety) changes people's mindset and helps them realized (safety) is important," said Butler.

Col. John Hurley, district commander of JED, attended the safety fair and commented on the significance of safety day. Hurley said learning how to assess the environment, knowing what risks you are being exposed to, and knowing the ways to mitigate those risks is why safety day is important.

If JED can provide that information, then "it will be an incredibly successful day," said Hurley.