SAN ANTONIO (June 9, 2014) -- Lt. Gen. David Halverson, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management and commanding general of U.S. Army Installation Management Command, introduced IMCOM's new mission and vision and stressed the importance of trust and teamwork during his first town hall with IMCOM headquarters staff.Halverson, who took command April 8, recognized employees, shared his thoughts on leadership and discussed IMCOM's mission and vision.Today, more than ever, IMCOM's mission is vital, Halverson reminded the audience."We are a nation at war," Halverson said. "Our Soldiers are in harm's way, with suffering and casualties daily. It's a tough life and not for everyone. It's a most rewarding life -- serving -- but full of challenges. We have to be mindful of that in taking care of Soldiers and their Families."The Army faces increasingly complex challenges, such as unseen global conflict in the face of tight finances and force reduction, according to Halverson.IMCOM is subjected to the same, said the general, and the revised mission and vision statements reflect the need for innovation and leadership at every level.The new vision statement reads Innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering extraordinary services and facilities for our premier Army."IMCOM is 'dooah,' not just hooah," Halverson told the team. It's about what we do - "not just words," he said. "I expect every one of my people to be a leader developer himself. Leader development will be an area of emphasis. As such, education, training and broadened development are important. I want to make sure we all have time to talk, to discuss, to listen, empower and most importantly offer solutions.We have to have new ideas and partnerships to solve today's complex challenges and keep up with changing times," he said.The Army is all about readiness, said Halverson, introducing the revised mission statement: IMCOM delivers and integrates base support to enable readiness for a self-reliant and globally responsive all volunteer Army.Positive attitude and trust will help bring the team together, Halverson said. Leadership, innovation, partnerships and high standards of service will help IMCOM provide the right services to Soldiers today and in the years to come, he said. "We need to continue to build … trust - between ourselves, Soldiers and their Families, the workers here -- and that is through actions, not just words," Halverson said.Command Sgt. Major Jeffrey Hartless continued the teamwork theme. "Thank you for what you do," Hartless said. "We are the only command that touches every single Soldier and every family every day."Halverson and Hartless awarded employees for their time in service, including Mr. Thomas Bennett, who received a 50-year service pin.Recognizing their efforts tied into the topic of IMCOM's mission."Our country is only 239 years old and we have a combined total (years of experience) on stage of even more than that," Halverson said. "There's no greater honor than taking care of Soldiers. That's something to believe in. We are here in service to our country and to the Army."