GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - "It's always a good day when you start off with a run," said Army Col. John Bogdan, commander of the Joint Detention Group.Sweat dripped as colors flew through the streets of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay as the Joint Detention Group conducted a brigade run June 6. The morning run's intent was to raise Soldier awareness of the Army's 239th birthday and promote esprit de corps throughout the brigade."Very few times we get together as a brigade," said Army Sgt. Killian. "Just a small run can have ripples of positive effect."With an understanding of the busy schedules of the JDG Soldiers, Killian sees that bringing together those who work at the Joint Task Force isn't an easy task but the response doesn't go unnoticed.Aside from being a morale booster, the run brought to attention the birthday of our Army, which made for thoroughly motivated Soldiers."Don't forget we are celebrating the Army's birthday and the anniversary of D-Day today, and it's all about being Soldiers this week," said Bogdan. "Walk around loud and proud; show some attitude."While the JTF leadership is proud of the Army history that sets us apart from foreign militaries, they make sure to share that knowledge with their Soldiers. Killian has seen this enthusiasm to teach first-hand in the past, as well as the day of the run."My first sergeant is big on history and days that pass, the anniversary of D-Day and anything that is significant to remember those that went before us in order to understand what they did and why they did it, so it gives us a clearer picture of where we're going, what we're doing and why we're doing it," said Killian. "It doesn't mean we need to do the same thing they did but we need to understand the circumstances and the thought process they used and why they used it, because without that, you're just walking blindly."During the run, Killian remembered what makes remembering these momentous days in history so important."Like my first sergeant would say, 'Without history, we would be lost to repeat ourselves time and time again.'"