Saber Strike 2014 builds partnerships, capabilities in Baltic region
U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell Jr. speaks with Latvian Land Forces Commander Col. Martins Liberts and observer coach trainer commander Lt. Col. Brent Legreid while visiting Adazi Training Area, Latvia, June 11, 2014, to observ... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

ADAZI, Latvia (June 13, 2014) -- U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell Jr. paid a visit to U.S. and multinational partner forces now participating in exercise Saber Strike 2014 in the Baltic region.

During his visit, the general spoke with the American Forces Network-Europe about the value of partnership training. See related link at right.

Saber Strike is a long-standing, multilateral, multifaceted, U.S. Army Europe-led security cooperation exercise primarily focused on the three Baltic States. The exercise spans multiple locations in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and involves approximately 4,500 personnel from 10 countries.

This year's exercise includes participation from: U.S. Air Forces in Europe; Air National Guard units from Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Washington; Army National Guard units from Louisiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah; Canada; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Latvia; Lithuania; Norway; Poland and the United Kingdom. This is the first year Denmark and Canada have participated in the exercise.

The exercise trains participants on command and control, and builds interoperability with U.S. partners in the region. It is comprised of a brigade-level command post exercise and computer-assisted exercise occurring at various sites in Lithuania and Estonia, including locations near Tartu, Vilnius, Pabrade, Amari and Tapa, as well as company-level field and situational training exercises at the Adazi Training Area here.

Saber Strike 2014 also features the integration of U.S. close air support with partner nation ground forces. All activities highlight joint, multi-national training among the participating nations and are designed to improve operational capability in a variety of missions.

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