FORT LEE, Va. (June 12, 2014) -- Would it surprise you if I told you there are approximately 2.5 million eye injuries every year and that 50,000 of those injuries will result in a partial or permanent loss of vision. Did you know 600,000 of these injuries are from sports and recreational activities? Sports involving kids, ages 5-14, account for the most eye injuries and baseball leads the way.

Did you realize the sun can wreak havoc not only on our skin but also our eyes? Ultra violet and blue light play a large role in the development of cataracts and macular degeneration.

When most hear the word eyepro, they think of large, heavy glasses that are worn when deployed or on a field training exercise.

Do you think eyepro when heading to the beach, mowing grass, when power washing the deck, fishing, treating the pool with a healthy dose of chlorine, or even when taking a stroll around the neighborhood? You should.

Eyepro serves two very important roles when it comes to protecting our eyes. First and most obvious is the protection from trauma and ocular foreign bodies. Secondly, eyepro provides protection from harmful UV and blue light.

Visible light has a wave length of 380nm to 780nm. UV light has a wave length ranging from 50nm to 380nm and is divided into 3 categories; A, B and C. Blue light exists in the shorter wave lengths of the visible spectrum at 381nm to 500nm. UVA, UVB and blue light all pose the greatest risk to eye health. It is this range (280nm-500nm) that can lead to the development of cataracts and more serious macular degeneration.

Most sunglasses block UV and blue light, however, less expensive sunglasses may not block the entire UV and blue light spectrum. If you spend long hours outdoors, particularly in the snow or on the water, do yourself and your loved ones a favor. When shopping for your next pair of sunglasses -- spend a little time (and money) to make sure they are rated to UV 400. For fishermen, UV protection is critical. Polarized lenses are strongly recommended. Polarized lenses not only provide comfort by blocking the glare off the water they also will help you to see obstacles (and fish) beneath the surface much clearer.

Eye injuries are undoubtedly one of the most frustrating of injuries an individual can sustain. Why? Because according to the U.S. Eye Injury Registry summary report from 98-2002, 90 percent of all ocular injuries could have been prevented.

The vast majority of eye injuries treated at KAHC could have been prevented, and the patient is often the first one to admit it.

Eyepro isn't just for summer. It shouldn't be used only when running the weed eater.

Think seriously about eye protection anytime you are around objects moving at a high rate of speed, when using tools or equipment that propels objects in an unpredictable manner or even when using strong detergents.

Eagle Vision Clinic wishes you a very safe and fun summer, and the next time you head for the lake, beach or pick up a ball and bat and break out the fireworks, do yourself and loved ones a huge favor, put on a good looking pair of UV-protecting, large-frame sunglasses.