FORT HOOD, Texas -- The 120th Infantry Brigade, Division West, held its change of command ceremony on Cameron Field near division headquarters Jun. 4.

Col. Daniel Hurlbut assumed command of the brigade from Col. Timothy Bush who commanded the brigade since June 2012.

Maj. Gen. Warren E. Phipps Jr., commanding general of Division West, illustrated the 120th's service providing mobilizing reserve component units for deployment all over the world.

During his 24 months of command, Bush oversaw the mobilization of 171 units totaling more than 14,200 Soldiers, and the demobilizing operations of over 151 units totaling 10,300 Soldiers. Under his command, the 120th successfully headed a pilot program to assist returning Reserve Soldiers to find jobs back at their home states. The brigade also had the highest Command Supply Discipline Program inspection across the First Army.

"Mission, Team, Family; that's what it's all about," said Bush. He acknowledged that the Army's mission is to "fight and win our nation's wars" but stressed the importance of working together as one team and spending time with our families.

He praised the leaders and Soldiers of the 120th for their hard work and competence and said, "No meal has been served, no convoy has been launched in Afghanistan that has not been impacted by the Soldiers trained at Fort Hood."

Bush's next assignment is the First Army operations director at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.

Col. Hurlbut served the past 12 months as the Division West operations chief and recently completed a U.S. Army War College fellowship at Stanford University.

The brigade's mission is to plan, coordinate, and execute post-mobilization training and demobilizations of National Guard and Army Reserve units.