FORT STEWART, GA -- The sun glistened off the many red, green, and white painted vehicles, which were showcased at the Racing Performance Mustang Car Show, Sept. 20 at the Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Education Center.

The cars represented a wide variety of custom and stock cars and motorcycles put on display to raise funds for children in the Liberty County Department of Family and Child Services.
More than 75 cars and motorcycles ranging from the classic to modern had their hoods up and their parking gear engaged for all to see.

"The kids are going to choose first, second, and third place winners for the kid's choice award, for the cars out here that they think are the best cars. They're excited; they're out here looking at colors, engines. My oldest son is out here looking at rims, of course, and some of the electronics inside," said Serena Duvall, Liberty County Adoptive and Foster Care Association President.

The participants were made up of mostly Soldiers but included local community members too. They each had a chance to win a 50/50 drawing raffle, and trophies for the best car shown.
Among the attractions was a device that measured the horse-power of any car.

All the proceeds from the car show will be donated this Friday to the Liberty County Department Family and Child Services.

"There's no one making us do this. There are children out there that need help and we want to step up and help and give back to the community. We spent over $1,000 making this car show happen, and we are not keeping not one bit of money. All of it is going to the children," said Staff Sgt. Louis Puricelli, Headquarters and Headquarters Operation Company, 3rd Infantry Division, Special Troops Battalion.

"Our club president will be doing the official hand over to DFCS. The car show has been a huge success and I hope more people in the community will see that Soldiers of Fort Stewart really do care about the community," said Puricelli.

The car show raised a total of $1,500 that will be donated to DFCS. Puricelli said that the RPM car club will be holding more car shows in the future to help support Fort Stewart's surrounding communities.

There will be another car show at the Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith Education Center parking lot, Oct. 4 as part of Soldier Appreciation Day.

Puricelli said as far as RPM car club was concerned, they would be doing similar events throughout the year.

"As long as the club is here, we will be doing stuff for the community," Puricelli said.