VICENZA, Italy - A first ever Military Recognition ceremony for graduating seniors who have chosen to serve the United States in uniform took place at Vicenza High School May 27.

Eight students out of a graduating class of more than 80 were recognized for their decisions to either enlist directly upon graduation, accept an ROTC scholarship for post-secondary education, or for receiving an appointment to one of the nation's military academies.

Brandon Shelor will enlist in the U.S. Army, where he plans to become a satellite communications specialist.
Five seniors have accepted JROTC scholarships.

Alexis Camuso has accepted a Navy ROTC scholarship at Barnard College, where she plans to study neuroscience and psychology. Carleton Hardy has accepted an Army scholarship at San Jose State University, where he plans to study engineering. Sarah Henry has accepted an Army scholarship at St. Edward's University, where she plans to study forensic chemistry. Joshua Pardew has accepted an Army at Virginia Military Institute, where he plans to study English. Matt Stitzel has accepted an Army scholarship at the University of Michigan, where he plans to pursue a course in kinesiology.

Helois Leosk has received an appointment to the Naval Academy, where she will study general engineering. Rachel York has received an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy, where she will pursue studies in biology or nuclear engineering.

Command Sgt. Maj. Jeff Stitzel, Col. Pedro Alemeida, Col. Mike Foster and Lt. Cmdr. Jeremy Adams presented certificates and awards to the future military professionals while parents, friends and teachers were on hand to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them well in their future endeavors.

"It was an honor to have our heroes look at us and call us their heroes," said York.