CARENTAN, France (June 5, 2014) -- More than 50 French families volunteered to entertain visiting American Soldiers at their homes, Tuesday evening. The Soldiers, including a group from the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Infantry Division, and Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard, are here to help commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.

Locals opened their homes for the Soldiers and showed them how the French treat their guests.

"I had such an amazing time," said Spc. Jessika Hurst, with the ommanding General's Mounted Color Guard. "They just kept coming out with more and more food. It was crazy, yet so delicious."

The opportunity allowed Soldiers to get to know the French and their customs. Likewise, it offered opportunity way for a new generation of French citizens to learn more about American Soldiers.

"We did this so our child could meet an American Soldier," said Stephanie Folloit, a mother of two who opened her home up to four Soldiers. "He loves American Soldiers. He loves to read about them, he really looks up to them. But we also did this to say 'thank you' for what your grandfathers did for us."

Though the evening was for the creation of friendships and memories, it didn't come easy for the groups.

"It was weird at first," Hurst said. "We were having conversations on Google Translate for the first hour. Then, they had a friend arrive who spoke good English who helped us communicate."

Folloit said she hoped her family could experience the visits again.

"This was a great night," she said. "I am happy to have met these Americans tonight."