George B. Hubbard, Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Division D Branch G contract specialist

Describe your current position:
I am a contract specialist for Division D, Branch G of the ACC-APG, primarily working in support of Program Manager - Soldier Protective Equipment.

Describe your professional/education background:
In 2008 I received a bachelor's degree with a marketing focus from Salisbury University, Maryland. I am Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act level II certified with an anticipated level III certification in September of this year.

Tell us more:
I currently reside in Abingdon. I have a dog named Lambeau, as I am an avid Green Bay Packers supporter. I spend much of my spare time working on various projects around my recently purchased townhouse.

How do you support the Soldier?
My job is directly responsible for providing protective equipment to the warfighter including developmental efforts with a focus on improving various performance parameters of the equipment. In addition to my support of protective equipment, I work various efforts to include administration of fielding and logistics in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Having an older brother who served four years in the Army; I take great pride in my ability to directly support the warfighter.