The Defense Ammunition Center located in McAlester, Okla. has developed a one of a kind capability within the Department of Defense that allows engineers to simulate real-life shipping conditions for containerized ammunition.

The Ship Motion Simulator was designed to replace an aging test simulator, and took less than 22 months from funding to operational status. The design and development of the SMS was a joint team effort among DAC, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant and industry partner TSM Corporation.

"The SMS is a computer controlled, six axis simulator that provides more accurate and reliable test results for the approval of containerized ammunition procedures," said Jerry Beaver, Associate Director for Engineering. "The SMS offers very unique testing capabilities and opportunities exist for validation testing within DOD and non-DOD organizations."

The SMS has six degrees-of-freedom and variable controls, allowing for the replication of actual wave conditions seen at sea. The SMS can move in the X, Y, Z, Roll (+/-30 degrees), Pitch (+/-10 degrees), and Yaw (+/-10 degrees) directions.

"These variable movements not only provide more accurate test results but also ensures that shipments of ammunition items arrive in the best condition for use by U.S. Soldiers," said Daryl Sieczkowski, electronics technician.

For more information about SMS capabilities contact the engineering validation division at 918-420-8929.