WIESBADEN, Germany - Cars and motorcycles, move over.

Bicyclists took to the roads May 16 in celebration of National Bike-to-Work Day in conjunction with National Bike Month.

Community members departed separately from Hainerberg, Crestview and Aukamm housing and traveled with experienced tour guides to the front gate of Clay Kaserne.

The event, hosted by Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, was an opportunity for community members to learn how to safely commute from home to work by bicycle, said Joseph Harris, FMWR special events chief.?

"Although a bicycle will never be able to provide the speed of automobiles or motorcycles, it allows people to enjoy the journey to the destination of their choice," he added.

For some bicyclists, it's one of the most important reasons to bike around town.

"I enjoy biking because it is exhilarating," Freddie Johnson, retiree, said. "You get a chance to get out and see your surroundings."

Glenn West, a Department of Defense employee, also enjoys bike riding because "you are able to see things that you would otherwise miss when riding in a car."

With warmer weather on the horizon, biking can also be an inexpensive option for family fun.

Master Sgt. Kenneth Vinoskiof the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade participated in National Bike-to-Work day to learn a new bike route for his family.

"My wife and I have two children, and we are a very active family," Vinoski said. "We bike all over Wiesbaden."

Wiesbaden, and all of Europe, is home to limitless miles of bicycle paths and trails for those interested in biking, Harris shared.

Bike commuters will soon have the use of additional bike racks at various locations on Clay Kaserne. Bike commuters may also have overnight use of storage lockers at the fitness center.

If parking and personal storage incentives are not enough, biking also offers an abundance of health advantages.

These benefits include "increased cardiorespiratory fitness, stress reduction, coordination, increased stamina, and it is a great way to burn calories and increase daily activity," said Andrew Munsterman, Army Wellness Center Wiesbaden director.

He also recommends bike riding as an option for light, moderate or high-impact aerobic exercise or activity.

"Cycling is great for people who have issues with their knees, shin splints, foot problems, walking gait problems and postural imbalances," Munsterman said.

Wiesbaden FMWR's Outdoor Recreation offers bicycle rental and repair services. Staff members can also assist in arranging individual bike excursions.

For more information on equipment rental, call Outdoor Recreation at mil (314) 548-9801 or
civ (0611) 143-548-9801.

For more information on the Army Wellness Center Wiesbaden, visit https://www.facebook.com/AWCwiesbaden.