HONOLULU (June 2, 2014) --Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) hosted an open house for its Medical Simulation Center May 27, 2014, to highlight advanced technologies available to medical interns, residents and staff.

The interactive training tools are used as part of continuing education and training requirements.

Ruth Andrews, TAMC Simulation program administrator, said the event is a perfect opportunity to show the community advanced technologies that help to reproduce as close to reality environments and situations that enhances staff knowledge and ultimately, the patient's experience.

"What's really great about simulation is that you can repeat scenarios as many times as you want without having to touch an actual patient," explained Andrews. "Staff can practice doing procedures that range from lumbar punctures, to something as simple as an ultrasound. Spending time in the simulation center sharpens their skills and the patient benefits from that because their medical staff has more experience."

Brig. Gen. Dennis Doyle, commanding general for Pacific Regional Medical Command and Tripler Army Medical Center, along with Navy Capt. Andrew Findley, TAMC deputy commander of Clinical Services, were on hand for the event. They interacted with systems, to include a fundamentals of laparoscopic trainer system, which allows surgical residents and practicing surgeons to develop psychomotor skills and dexterity required in basic laparoscopic surgery, as well as a high-fidelity virtual reality trainer for the da Vinci surgical robot.

Also on display was the "NOELLE," a high-fidelity delivery manikin that can blink breath and is warm to the touch. The robot is used for competency based programs where realistic fetal palpitations, multiple birthing scenarios, epidural procedures and more can be simulated and controlled, while devices track student actions.

The center supports Tripler's Graduate Medical Education program.

Tripler is a major teaching center that sponsors 13 physician training programs, with more than 220 resident positions.