By John Brooks, General Leonard Wood Army Community HospitalFORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- Army Medicine wants to reach beyond the physical boundaries of its medical treatment facilities to educate and generate commitment to healthier living.The Performance Triad is a practical, simple approach to enjoying good health by focusing on three key components -- sleep, activity and nutrition.People think more clearly, feel better and perform more efficiently when their bodies are well nourished, well rested and healthy.The Army's goal is to make the Performance Triad a part of the Army DNA -- sleep discipline, daily activity, and good nutritional decisions will ensure a ready force and healthy Families.While each component of the Performance Triad is independently important, optimal performance is achieved when all three are addressed together.Physical activity encompasses more than just exercise at the gym. Regular activity throughout the day can improve health by reducing stress, strengthening the heart and lungs, increasing energy levels, and improving mood.Similarly, quality nutrition and sleep management are also key components in promoting health, preventing disease, and achieving or maintaining a healthy body weight.Leaders and commanders can encourage their Soldiers to engage in physical activity and train smart by assessing nutrition and encouraging the proper fueling and helpful sleep discipline of their Soldiers.Leaders can lead by example by ensuring that their own sleep, activity and nutrition habits align with those the Army advocates and is teaching to Soldiers.Getting to these basics --as both leaders and healthcare providers--is key to optimizing personal health, performance and resilience.The Performance Triad supports the Army's Ready and Resilient Campaign with the goal of increasing unit health and performance and decreasing injuries. It also provides Army leaders and commanders with tools to increase their knowledge and awareness of healthy sleep, activity and nutrition to effectively make permanent changes to lifestyle and behaviors.You'll be seeing and hearing more about The Performance Triad throughout the year as the Army promotes healthy, positive change in the lives of Soldiers and their families.(Editor's Note: John Brooks is the marketing and public affairs officer at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital)