BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan--Eight Soldiers from 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, 150th Engineer Company, 133rd Engineer Battalion teamed with 3-401st Army Field Support Battalion personnel, contractors and local Afghan workers, totaling 25 men, to prepare an area that will be used to support the battalion organization day scheduled for Jun. 1.

The 150th Engineer Co. is a New Jersey National Guard unit headquartered in Hammonton, New Jersey. They are nearing the end of their nine-month deployment. Staff Sgt. David W. Jones said they have been engaged primarily in horizontal construction missions and removing wooden structures excess to ongoing mission requirements. Jones said they have worked withAfghan National Army Soldiers and Afghan civilians during their deployment.

"We braved all the elements," Jones said. "We worked outside all winter."

The other squad members are Spc. Louis Alcantara, Spc. Joe Conchucos, Spc. Brendon Mackafee, Spc. Taylor Weiss, Spc. Terrance Williams and Pfc. Robert Barnard.

Jones said the Soldiers come from across the state of New Jersey and this is the first deployment for all of the squad members. He said it has been good working with the Afghan Soldiers and civilians.

Thanks to the 133rd Soldiers and their team, the battalion organization day will offer a full range of activities in a safe area.

Editor's note: the 133rd Engineer Battalion is a Maine National Guard unit headquartered at Gardiner, Maine. Edward J. Farano contributed to this article.