YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Librarians from Korean universities visited Yongsan Garrison Sept. 22 for an orientation to the installation library.

This was a Good Neighbor Program event hosted by the U.S. Embassy-Seoul designed to foster a better understanding about the U.S. culture and special library programs created for the Soldiers and their families, said the USAG-Yongsan Community Relations Officer An Chang-sin.

After lunch at Commiskey's Restaurant, they toured the Yongsan Library, the largest U.S. Army library in Korea.

"Yongsan Library is a place especially designed for the education as well as recreation of the U.S. Soldiers and their families," said Esther Kim, library director.

The library has approximately 60,000 books and other references, including 8,000 DVDs and 5,000 CDs. "We also hold a variety of family readiness references and programs for the families," Kim added.

After a short question-and-answer period, the librarians browsed the nearly 300 shelves of books and listened to an explanation of the electronic reference and computing system.

"I was impressed by an exotic, yet comfortable atmosphere of this library," said Park Hwee-yeon, an assistant librarian at the U.S. Embassy. "I think it is a nice chance to experience and understand a different culture."

This tour helps to continually develop and strengthen the partnership between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea, said Kim Su-nam, the library's Information Resource Center director.

"The U.S. Embassy is pouring its effort to promote this partnership," he said, "and today was a great opportunity for every one of us to communicate with each other."