By 1st Lt. Lucian Myers
2nd Platoon Leader, 523rd Engineer Company, 84th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - "We Clear the Way" is more than just the engineer motto. For the Soldiers of the 523rd Engineer Company, 84th Engineer Battalion... it's their job.

At the end of February, the Schofield Barracks, Hawaii range control requested the battalion's assistance with a few projects for range maintenance. The "Wolverines" of the 523rd Eng, Co. took the lead on the nearly three-month-long mission, starting March 17 through May.

The first project was to repair roads on East Range and Wheeler Army Airfield. There were sections of the roads that were completely washed out through years of Hawaiian rainfall.

"It is great that we get these missions so we can be exposed to different situations and, at the same time, teach our Soldiers how to execute varied missions," said Sgt. Timothy Johnson, a squad leader with the 523rd Eng.

The Wolverines were also tasked with filling in craters at a demolition range created by units doing un-exploded ordnance demolitions and demolition training. The project was designed to increase the usable training area by flattening out the range and improving the drainage on the training area.

"The NCOs show us the tricks of the trade so we can have the experience and knowledge to take their place someday," said Pfc. Nelson Goehle, a heavy equipment operator with the unit.

These missions benefited not only range control and Schofield Barracks, but the Soldiers by keeping them ready to deploy, perform construction operations, and succeed at a varied set of missions. Each project had a unique set of requirements and challenges for the unit leadership to work through.

"The unit did an outstanding job, and everyone remained flexible and motivated throughout the projects," said Sgt. 1st Class Abu Sesay, the 2nd Platoon platoon sergeant. "We were able to perform [job] tasks and everyone learned something. That made the success of these missions even better."