CAMP ZAMA, Japan (May 20, 2014) -- Four Camp Zama community members participated in the Zama City International Association's "World Cooking Class" event held on May 18 at the Zama City Citizens' Health Center to get a first-hand experience with the Tunisian culture.

The class, split into four groups, prepared six Tunisian dishes together.

Brad Richardson, a Camp Zama food program manager, said his favorite dish was "Aija," because of the combination of parsley, tomatoes and other vegetables which added to the flavor.

Sylvia Carter, an Army spouse, said she loved the tomatoes and (Tunisian) spices, when asked about the "Ajia" dish.

"It had an ethnic flavor to it, different than what I am familiar with," said Carter.

Basma Laribi, the cooking class instructor and a Tunisian native, has taught aspects of the Tunisian culture consisting of cooking, dancing and music classes since she relocated to Japan in 1998.

Laribi said in her many years of instructing Tunisian cooking classes in Japan, the most popular dish is called "Brick," which is bread similar to a Chinese spring roll filled with cheese, egg and tuna.

Liribi said she successfully started a Tunisian Culture Club in 2004.

"I (can) teach my culture naturally…I don't plan it (out) unless I have a special presentation."

Isao Kimura, president of the ZCIA, also attended the event said the most important thing about this event is that "we" communicate.

"If we can enjoy communicating with each other, our difference in nationality does not matter."