FORT IRWIN, Calif. -- Maj. Kirby Robinson, chief planner, 1st Armored Brigade Combat, 1st Infantry Division, and the entire plans section recently had the challenge of moving 2,900 pieces of equipment and more than 5,800 Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines across a simulated battlefield in the tactical movement area at the National Training Center.A native of Bessemer, Ala., and a graduate of Troy State University, Robinson has been in the military for 15 years, serving the last 12 years as an officer and the last eight months in the plans section of the 1st ABCT.He credits his experience in Unified Land Operations from serving in positions from platoon leader, company executive officer, company and troop commander, as well as squadron executive officer in the armor and cavalry branches. His service includes multiple combat deployments and a nominative position in the Netherlands.Robinson and his team of planners worked to synchronize the movement of every single piece of equipment and personnel from the brigade down to the unit level across the battlefield."It has been a challenge, and, at times, difficult managing and tracking the enormous amount of people and equipment here in the box," Robinson said. "We are not perfect, but (we're) doing everything possible to keep everyone safe and all equipment accounted for."The plans section has designed measures of coordinating movement using multiple systems, like Command Post of the Future and Blue Force Tracker, which allowed them to collaborate in almost real time with anyone on the battlefield and gave leaders the exact location of all friendly forces, Robinson said."We do a lot of planning in getting units and equipment around the battlefield, but the real stars are the logistics section because they are responsible for sustaining the force," Robinson said. "Without them providing life-sustaining supplies, plus maintaining all the equipment, the plans section could not do what we do."The brigade logistics cell is responsible for ordering the correct amount of food, water and maintenance supplies to support more than 5,000 people and 2,900 pieces of equipment spread across 50 square miles in the tactical movement area."Our job is to provide all the supplies to sustain the brigade and all our enabling units here in the box," said Maj. Jason Weigel, brigade logistics officer in charge, 1st ABCT.The location presented a few challenges for the logistics team, Weigel said, but they were able to execute their plan and get all personnel, inventory and supplies to the logistics support areas.Soldiers with the 1st ABCT recently completed their 30-day rotation at NTC and are in the process of returning to Fort Riley.