BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan--Logistics Support Element Bagram is tucked behind 3-401st Army Field Support Battalion headquarters in several B-huts that look like so many other B-huts in theater, but the highly skilled LARs working in these B-huts directly impact unit readiness and mission accomplishment across northern and eastern Afghanistan.

Logistics Support Elements such as LSE Bagram have been described as Army Materiel Command's deployable arm. The LSE provides expeditionary readiness enablers and forward theater sustainment augmentation through the synchronization and integration of AMC LCMC logistics capabilities for the Combatant Commanders.

The LSE executes the Logistics Assistance Program that boasts a robust reach back capability to the AMC Community to reinforce the Combatant Commanders readiness posture.

The LSE is home to the LARs, the logistics assistance representatives from each of the AMC life cycle management commands, who are truly the backbone of the LSE.

"The LARs and the senior systems technical representatives are the most highly skilled SMEs in their specialty," said Ronald S. Ramey, LSE-Bagram chief.

The LSE provides commanders with technical support necessary to resolve equipment and systemic logistics problems; a single point of contact for AMC logistics readiness said Ramey.

The LSE also has reach back capability to their parent commands and U.S. Army Sustainment Command to identify and report on issues that have potential adverse impacts on fleet readiness. They also are a single touch-point for logistics and readiness information needed by the end users -- the Soldiers.

Ramey explained that the LARs work directly with units to train and assist the Soldiers on Army program of record equipment. One of his briefing slides ends by saying "we teach your Soldiers self-reliance."

Ramey named eight capabilities every LAR has in his or her toolbox: assist with BCT equipment readiness; hands-on technical assistance; sustainment training; cost avoidance; ambassadors for AMC, logistics intelligence; direct link between customer and the solution; and 'anytime, anywhere' worldwide deployment.