Hello USAREUR Team,

As I highlight the Chief of Staff of the Army's fifth and final strategic priority, I find it fitting that this month we also observe and celebrate Memorial Day, as maintaining "The Premier All Volunteer Army" means honoring the service and sacrifice of our Fallen Heroes, Soldiers, Civilians, Veterans, Retirees, Wounded Warriors and Families in a variety of ways.

In 1973, the United States eliminated the draft and moved to an all volunteer Army. Many believed that this was a reasonable possibility during peacetime, but that armed forces involved in a major conflict could not be voluntary. Today, as we look back on over 40 years of an all volunteer force we have proven time and again that we can defend our great Nation in peacetime and in war, consistently demonstrating our abilities from Desert Storm to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As we look to the future, it is important now more than ever to have Soldiers among us that truly want to serve and make a difference in themselves and in our Army. We need to recruit and retain young men and women that live the Army Values and exemplify the Warrior Ethos on a daily basis.

Maintaining the premier all volunteer force demands quality benefits like Morale, Welfare and Recreation, education assistance, exchanges, housing, dependent schools, commissaries, and child and youth programs that are components of a dedicated professional force. Here in U.S. Army Europe, we consistently work with IMCOM-Europe to look for ways to preserve the highest possible quality of life, on our installations and wherever our Soldiers, Civilians and Families work and live.

I am proud of every Soldier and Civilian in USAREUR, not only for volunteering to support and defend the United States of America, but for continuing to serve proudly and professionally in your current positions here in Europe. In my 36 years of service, our Army has never been better equipped and ready to face a continually changing operational environment and that's because of the innovation, discipline and professionalism of our Soldiers, Civilians and leaders.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the service and dedication you provide every day to "The Premier All Volunteer Army."

Strong Soldiers, Strong Teams!

-Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell, Jr.
Freedom 6