Welcome to USAG Daegu and Area IV, the Southern Enduring Hub for the Army in South Korea! To request a sponsor please contact Staff Sgt. Mendez at: jairo.a.mendez.mil@mail.mil

Welcome to the United States Army Garrison Daegu/Area IV and congratulations on what will be an exciting and fulfilling assignment. Over the next decade our installations, Camps Walker, George and Henry in Daegu, Camp Carroll in Waegwan, and Busan Storage Facility and Pier 8 in Busan, will continue to grow as one of the two enduring Army hubs in the Republic of Korea and the center for logistics expertise for the Korean peninsula.

As part of that growth, we are building a new high school and new housing towers. Those facilities complement other great places, like our 18-hole Evergreen Golf Course, libraries, CACs, guest lodges, indoor swimming pools, fitness centers and education centers, located at both Camp Walker and Camp Carroll to service our geographically dispersed population.

With all the construction associated with our growth you will experience occasional inconveniences, but one thing will remain constant: our garrison staff anticipates your arrival with a willingness to serve your needs.

USAG Daegu offers a variety of programs and services to ease the transition to your new home, whether you will be living in the barracks, family housing, or in an apartment in the local community. Most of our married, command-sponsored Service Members live on post, although a significant number also live off-post in privately-owned apartments. That will change beginning in 2014, as we begin building the middle/high school and housing towers on Camp Walker, forcing more to live off-post during the construction period.

The overwhelming majority of Family support facilities, programs and services are located on Camps Walker, Henry and George in Daegu -- the main Exchange, full sized commissary, elementary through high school, Child and Youth Services including the CDC and Teen Center, a full service ACS, Wood Medical Clinic and Bodine Dental Clinic. The majority of facilities and services on Camp Carroll in Waegwan are there for the Soldiers that live on post -- the Carroll Troop Medical/Dental Clinic, Commissary Annex (that will be closed from June 3, 2014 for a 12-month renovation), small PX, satellite ACS. While Families have the option to live off-post in the Waegwan area, please understand that with the exception of CACs, gyms, bowling centers, and theaters, the fiscal reality is that the Daegu area family-friendly facilities will never be duplicated on Camp Carroll.

Voice over IP (VoIP) - Voice over IP telephones are available and are in use throughout Korea. You can choose to establish an account with an authorized Korean VoIP provider. Note: Currently, Service Members are prohibited from bringing Vonage VoIP services into the Republic of Korea, as Vonage is not a registered VoIP provider in Korea

Your school-aged children will attend school on post, Sure Start through eighth at Daegu American School on Camp George, and ninth through 12th at Daegu High School on Camp Walker. If you bring your family (Command Sponsored) our housing office will provide you with furniture and appliances in either your on post or off post apartment. Our Army Community Service (ACS) program provides weekly newcomers orientations (alternating between Camp Carroll and Camp Henry) and every other week a new spouse orientation specifically targeted to address the needs of Family members, and they also offer a lending closet to temporarily provide you with essential items for your new home.

Family Members receive much of their medical and dental care split between host nation facilities on the economy, upon referral, and the Camp Walker Clinic. The Camp Carroll Troop Medical Clinic is for Soldiers only. The military hospital at Yongsan, in Seoul, also provides services as do the dental clinics at Yongsan. However, Yongsan is a four and a half-hour trip, one way, by bus. Veterinary services are provided by the Camp Walker Veterinary Clinic.

Among the many activities you will undertake as you prepare for your move, I ask that you pay particular attention to these six:

Service Members with dependents: If you would like to bring your family to Korea, visit your local Military Personnel Division (MPD) Office or S1 to apply for command sponsorship before you depart. Communicate with your sponsor as well to help you make an informed decision. Applying well in advance will help ensure your desires are known to us. Along with that application, you will need to submit a completed Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) screening for overseas travel, so we can determine if we can meet the needs of your family.

Service Members with dependents: If you plan to bring your family with you, they will need government-issued passports for entry into Korea. As a Service Member, your orders provide your authorization for entry and exit. Again, speak with your local MPD office to obtain the proper application. Your Family Members will also need Visas issued by Korea for the duration of their stay. You should apply for the Visas when you apply for the passport.

All Service Members: Complete the United States Forces Korea (USFK) online training before leaving your current duty station.

All Service Members: Update your immunizations before your departure.

All Spouses: Employment opportunities are extremely limited for spouses who accompany their Soldier; however, we regularly seek new employees in our Child Development Center and Child, Youth and School Services, there are numerous volunteer opportunities through the ACS, and we are constantly exploring options for off- and on-post employment for spouses.

All Spouses: Spouses who wish to maintain a home-based business must comply with the Status of Forces Agreement, and get prior approval from the Garrison Commander. Additionally, home-based business owners are prohibited from using overseas military post offices (APO addresses) for business shipments, so you should be prepared to use Federal Express on post or the Korean postal system as necessary.

Once again, welcome to the USAG Daegu and Area IV family. We look forward to meeting you and wish you a rewarding tour with us in the "Land of the Morning Calm."?

Child Care for Spouse Orientation

To coordinate for child care, the first step is to register your children at Parent Central building 257 on Camp Walker. Please have a copy of orders and a current shot record when you register. For more information please call DSN telephone 764-5298 or 0503-364-5298, from a cell phone.

The second step is to call the Child Development Center, DSN telephone 764-4834 or from a cell phone dial 0503-364-4834, to make a reservation for the date of your Spouse Orientation brief. Please be sure that you tell them that this is a reservation for Spouse's Orientation or we cannot guarantee a space will be available.

For additional information, please call Army Community Service Relocation Readiness Program Manager, 768-8130.