ROSE BARRACKS, Germany --Troopers, families and friends of 2d Cavalry Regiment attended a change of responsibility ceremony at Rose Barracks, Germany on May 15, 2014.

Five out of six new command sergeants major were welcomed to the Regiment as their predecessors were congratulated on a job well done and wished a hardy farewell as they departed.

"None of the accomplishments of the Regiment would have been possible without these superb sergeants major and their ability to maintain good order and discipline," said Col. Douglas A. Sims, Regimental commander.

The change of responsibility ceremony is a tradition that is not only rich in world military history but is held as a very important event throughout American history as it signifies the passing of responsibility, authority, and accountability of command from one senior enlisted leader to another.

This particular ceremony is special because it is the first one that has been done since the last of the unit returned from their most recent deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in April.

"Success in Afghanistan and at Rose Barracks is directly tied to the leadership of the senior non-commissioned officers who depart our formation today," said Sims.

The out-going command sergeants major are Christopher D. Spivey, 2nd Squadron; Michael Martin, 3rd Squadron; Robert L. Ochsner, 4th Squadron; Stanley Akins, Fires Squadron and Michael J. Perry III, Regimental Support Squadron.

"It is not an over statement to say that such success would not have been possible without their phenomenal leadership, dedication and selfless service," said Sims.

These leaders said goodbye while leaving a proven history of outstanding leadership and loyalty to the unit and its Dragoons, with the confidence that the leaders who are taking their places will continue that legacy.

The incoming command sergeants major are Peter D. Johnson, 2nd Squadron; Michael V. Camacho, 3rd Squadron; Christopher A. Prosser, 4th Squadron; Robert J. Johnson, Fires Squadron and Jimmie M. Brown, Regimental Support Squadron. They look to not only establish themselves as the future leaders of their respective squadrons but to keep the tradition of excellence going.

"As the saying goes, you're only as good as your last operation," said Sims. "But we are proud to welcome the new sergeants major and their families to the Dragoon team."

But for all who have passed through its doors, one thing remains, whether or not a Soldier is arriving or departing, the 2d Regiment of Dragoons are Always Ready!