OKUMA RECREATION FACILITY, Japan - Single Soldiers of the 10th Regional Support Group Headquarters and Headquarters Company conducted relationship training March 24 at Okuma Recreation Facility, Okinawa Japan. Soldiers were taught by the 78th Signal Battalion's Chaplain Mike Jernigan of Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the beautiful Okinawa outdoors to learn how to foster positive relationships.

"It is important for our Soldiers to learn how to operate in an organization that is made up of people from all different backgrounds or walks of life," said Staff Sgt. Carlos Pagan of Panama City, Panama, the 10th RSG chaplain assistant, who organized this amazing event. "Everyone has relationships, whether professional or personal. Training events of this sort are an investment in the Army's greatest asset: the Soldier."

Soldiers discovered their own personality types on the hour and a half long bus ride to Hiji waterfall by filling out the Dawn Billings Color Personality Test. They then had group discussions about the major strengths and pitfalls of each personality type.

"Knowing yourself is important because it helps you understand whether you are compatible with someone else's personality without all the mistakes that come with trial and error," explained Jernigan.

Soldiers enjoyed a hike to Hiji Falls after the personality training. The hike provided soldiers with a chance to relax, enjoy one another's company, and discuss what they had just learned about themselves in a casual environment. After the hike, soldiers went to Okuma Beach Resort and learned about the languages of love, based on Gary Chapman's Book, "The Five Love Languages."

"The five love languages was very good information and helped me learn what kind of affection makes me feel better and more secure in a relationship," explained Sgt. Terry Hall, the property book noncommissioned officer of 10th RSG. "I learned how to be more considerate when it comes to showing affection in a relationship because everyone has different wants and needs."

Spc. Angela Wilson of Okinawa, Japan, an intelligence analyst for 10th Regional Support Group, said, "I think we should do things like this more often because it increases unit morale. Soldiers have a lot on their plates and are constantly stressed from work.During this training, everyone was in a positive spirit which was very nice."

The unit ministry team of the 10th RSG hopes to conduct similar training in the near future.