As our Army continues its transition to a peacetime force, this Memorial Day will be especially poignant for the Soldiers and Families who have served and sacrificed the past 13 years. Some have lost husbands, wives, sons or daughters, while others have lost battle buddies considered brothers or sisters. During war, we are all touched by loss, but the spirit of the American Soldier lives on in each of you. Thank you for your service and continued dedication to this great nation and the memory of those who have fought so bravely for it.While we encourage you to enjoy the long weekend ahead, please remember to play it safe in all you do. The arrival of summer brings with it many enjoyable activities, but those do not come without risk. Already this fiscal year, more Soldiers have died on motorcycles, on the water and in catastrophic falls than 2013. Leaders, stay engaged and know what your Soldiers' plans entail; there is no way for you to know if you never ask. Soldiers, take ownership of your personal safety and make smart risk decisions while looking out for your buddies. Safety is really pretty simple -- make a plan and always do the right thing.Thank you again for all you do for our Army every day. We wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day and holiday weekend.Army Safe is Army Strong!Timothy J. Edens Brigadier General, USA Commanding Leeford C. Cain Command Sergeant Major