It falls on each and every one of us to protect the environment each and every day. U.S. Army Garrison Daegu is committed to that philosophy and highlighted that committment with two events around Earth Day in April.

Within area IV, many people celebrated the day, holding various events and programs in order to show support for environmental protection around Earth day. People in variety of ages and groups participated in programs that have different features. However, all of them have the important same goal that is conserving the environment.

Daegu American School (DAS) elementary grade kids planted little lilacs the morning on April 22. This event was a means of teaching protecting the earth starts around us.

"Let's find out who has a green thumb," said Tom Kunneke, DPW Environmental Division and Daegu's "Wetlands Warrior," kicking off the event. Students got involved in every procedure enthusiastically. After kids placed trees into the hole, they filled it with compost and soil. Then they watered the newly planted trees and tramped them with feet

"It was helpful to me, because I didn't know that how to plant trees," Haily Swanson in 4th grade said.

"They haven't done it before, but all the 5th graders are fantastic. Our kids have been talking about environment, and today is a good event," said Tiffany Glaze, 5th grade teacher. Planting trees gave the real experience to be closer to environmental conceptions. Watching trees grow up in the school, students will always keep the moment in their mind.

While the kids were making an actual effort to keep the earth, there was a bit higher level meeting in Camp Carroll on April 23. More than a dozen workers from the Environment Protection Division of Chilgok County visited the Camp Carroll wetlands. DPW Environment Division led a tour explaining the wetland's roles. Wetlands can control flooding and prevent soil loss, and it is a vibrant biodiverse location. The Camp Carroll wetland reclamation project has improved the community's quality of life, because it doubles as an educational place for children, a rest area for residents, adn a shining example of the Garrison's and the Army in Korea's committment to environmental stewardship. Visitors learned how the wetlands, formerly part parking lot, have been restored and about ongoing projects.

The tour was meaningful in that people from Chilgok County could observe nature closely including Korean willow and that they communicated directly with the workers in charge of there.

"We've invited local people like students or organizations since 2012 and visitors have highly evaluated our environmental facility or wetland in the camp. Also this tour is connected with the good relationship with local community," Kim, Chon tong, DPW Environmental Div. said.

These actions raised awareness how important it is to conserve the environment and encouraged everyone to make every day, Earth Day.