In a continued effort to increase the physical and psychological health, resilience and enhanced performance of Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians, Fort Huachuca is now incorporating Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness, CSF2, resilience training into the in-processing procedures for all arriving Soldiers and newly hired Civilians."Soldiers are, and always will be, the centerpiece of our Army. The readiness and resiliency of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members is dependent on their physical, mental, and emotional fitness," said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, in a March 12, 2013 news release.Soldiers and Civilians will receive training in six of the 12 required annual resilience skills and 1 performance enhancement skill intended to aid them with techniques to combat negative behaviors and trends which can occur during vulnerable times such as relocations or new jobs. Family members are encouraged to attend. The skills taught include: Hunt the Good Stuff; Energy Management and Tactical Breathing; Avoid Thinking Traps; Put It into Perspective; Real-Time Resilience; Assertive Communication; and Active-Constructive Responding.Training is conducted by certified Master Resilience Trainers who have graduated from an Army approved MRT Level 1 course.Upcoming training will be conducted on May 19 -- 20, June 9 -- 10 and June 26 -- 27. Classes are conducted at Murr Community Center, Building 51301, Cushing Street.For more information 533.6975.