REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- As part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure decisions, military services are changing how they purchase repair parts. And the Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command has already started this transition.

Management and related support functions for the procurement of depot level reparables will transfer from the military services to the Defense Logistics Agency Feb. 15, 2009.

An AMCOM LCMC Plan of Actions and Milestones Kickoff Meeting was held Sept. 10-11 at the Sparkman Center.

"And these people (at the conference) are all the planning groups to make that happen from both DLA and AMCOM," said Amy Sajda, the Department of Defense pillar lead for the depot level reparable implementation. She is responsible for implementing the BRAC decision for depot level reparables.

A kickoff meeting will be held in early October for TACOM Life Cycle Management Command.

"And then the kickoff for CECOM (Communications-Electronics Command) hasn't been scheduled yet. They're later on," Sajda said. "So AMCOM's the first (to hold a kickoff)."

On Feb. 15, acquisition workers who are currently doing the buying at AMCOM LCMC and TACOM LCMC for depot level reparables will transition to DLA. This represents about 62 people, according to Sajda.

Last week's kickoff drew about 30 attendees, including Sajda and other representatives from DLA based at Fort Belvoir, Va.

Marsha Thornton, AMCOM LCMC, and Steve Mason, DLA, are the program managers for making the transition.