CAMP CARROLL, South Korea - The Area IV Quarterly Retirement Ceremony honoring three Soldiers for their 69 years of combined service was held at the Camp Carroll theater, April 25.Maj. Roger C. Castro, 2502nd Support Detachment, fires section chief, Sgt 1st Class Otto Lerdtadsin, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, support operations, petroleum supply specialist, Sgt 1st Class Daniel Fuetterer, United States Army Garrison-Daegu, human resources noncommissioned officer in-charge, were the honorees of the event.Col. Jim M. Bradford, USAG-D commander, was the keynote speaker and presented complimentary words for the retirees by quoting a speech from John F. Kennedy, "A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors...the men it remembers."Bradford said their commitment to our nation will remain and their support to the families and community will also remain."I suspect that the uniform that you are wearing is really on clothing, but the real uniform of a person, their character, their service and their leadership will not change. I thank you for your service, your dedication, and your sacrifice," he said.The Commanding General of the 19th ESC, "Team 19", Brig. Gen. Stephen E. Farmen congratulated the retirees and praised the devotion they have toward their country."I'm very honored to be here. I absolutely respect and appreciate their 69 years combined services you all have given for your country," said Farmen.The retiree's displayed a complex mix of emotions during the retirement ceremony that could be seen on their faces and heard in their voices.Castro, who had a dynamic military life serving as an active duty Soldier, then in the Hawaii Army National Guard, and also in the U.S. Navy, said he felt happiness and sadness about his retirement but holds the words of his family close to his heart as he prepares for his new road."I feel a little anxious of my future; however, my father, who used to be active duty in the U.S. Air Force for 22 year, is very proud me." said Castro. "My father, who I've always admired before I joined the military, wished me a good luck."Fuetterer was placed in a different position with Castro by expressing his happiness rather than anxiety by selecting the song, 'I Feel Good' by James Brown, for his roll call."This song expresses the end of one good era and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It is about feeling good with the coming change and embracing with happiness not sorrow," said Fuetterer.His wife, Daniel Fuetterer said, "For 22 years, our family was always traveled together across the world to Germany, South Korea, Virginia, New York and Kentucky, and although it was hard to move to other places every time, we had a great adventure all around world."Lerdtadsin, who was very proud of being a platoon sergeant for four years during his 24 years of service, said he always tried to make his Soldier better Soldiers."The time when I spent in Army for 24 years passed like an arrow. Sometimes I got e-mails from Soldiers who were my trainees that started their duty as a Soldiers and it made my time very worthwhile to be able to see them grow."The retirees were congratulated by close to 100 people in attendance who came out to support them and thank them for their service.Although their official duties were over as a Soldier, the values they have kept throughout their Army careers will not perish, and just like the song that played at the conclusion of the retirement ceremony 'Old Soldiers Never Die'.