FORT RUCKER, Ala. (May 2, 2014) -- Fort Rucker hosted its third annual Earth Day Expo April 22 and more than 10 vendors displayed items ranging from cloth diapers to natural gas-operated vehicles, all which help preserve the environment.

"I want to thank all the vendors for participating today," said Melissa Lowlavar, environmental management branch chief. "The vendors are displaying all earth-friendly products that can be used at work and at home. The products not only help with the environment, but they are less expensive, as well."

Darrell Hager, Directorate of Public Works Environmental Office Sustainability Program manager, said the expo is an important outreach effort.

"We host the event annually to help reach a wider area to help share the importance of saving our resources," Hager said. "The No. 1 key is to always recycle. We only have a limited number of resources and we need to conserve what we have by recycling.

"One factor that I hope everyone takes into consideration after today is, be aware of what you do, such as what you are buying to either clean your home or office, and what do you do with it all when you are done using it. Take time to be aware of what that product is doing to the environment."

One vendor seemed to catch everyone's attention -- the natural gas-powered vehicle on display at the SEAGD booth.

"The Honda Civic we have with us is the duel fueled, natural gas-powered vehicle," said Terry Tradaway, SEAGD marketing representative for the Central Division. "When powered by natural gas, this vehicle gets around 41-42 miles per gallon. Of course, right now, the vehicle is a little (expensive), but over time the price will come down, and it will be the car of tomorrow. With a natural gas-powered vehicle, you just about cut the cost of fuel in half. These vehicles also generate fewer exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions than their gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles."

The Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation also had a booth set up during the event.

"We are here today to help spread the word about going paperless," said Nikki McKay, graphic design with DFMWR Marketing. "We publish a newsletter and magazine to keep everyone informed about activities taking place on post. We encourage everyone, instead of waiting to see the newsletter, you go paperless. This not only allows you to get information sooner, it also helps save the trees. Less paper used means less to recycle. You will not only be up-to-date on everything taking place in Fort Rucker, but you will be doing your part in protecting our environment."

And with summer time just around the corner, one vendor decided it was a good time to spread the word about insect repellent -- Mo's OBX Skeeter Beater.

"This product is 100-percent green and contains no DEET," said Worda James, representative with Mo's OBX Skeeter Beater. "This product protects individuals and pets from West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Lyme Disease, Dengue Fever, Malaria and other insect-borne diseases.

For more information on Fort Rucker's environmental efforts, call 255-1653.