WASHINGTON ( May 1, 2014) -- Today, the Department of Defense issued new initiatives designed to continue its efforts to eliminate sexual assault in the military, directed implementation of an updated sexual assault prevention strategy and released its annual report on sexual assault in the military for fiscal year 2013.

The department's response to sexual assault is fundamentally different than it was two years ago. Since May 2013, Secretary Hagel has directed more than 28 initiatives to enhance commander accountability, ensure the appropriate command climate, improve victim support, and enhance safety.

The new initiatives are available at: http://sapr.mil/index.php/news

The updated prevention strategy is available at: http://sapr.mil/index.php/news

The full report is available at http://sapr.mil/index.php/annual-reports

The fact sheet is available at: http://sapr.mil/index.php/news

Victims are encouraged to contact the Safe Helpline at 877-995-5247 or visit http://www.safehelpline.org/ for confidential and anonymous crisis intervention services.

For specific information, contact the Army at 703-614-5302, the Navy at 703-697-5342, the Marine Corps at 703-614-4309 and the Air Force at 703-695-0640.