FORT JACKSON, S.C. (May 1, 2014) -- The 165th Infantry Brigade conducted its semi-annual Lightning Challenge Friday. The challenge is a daylong competition to test the stamina and technical competence of the officers, noncommissioned officers and cadre in the brigade. It includes a variety of physical and mental tasks.The day started with a 3.2-mile run, followed by navigating the Fit to Win course and a crossfit event at Hilton Field. The teams of 15 Soldiers each then conducted a series of events, including archery, a timed land navigation course, a medical STX lane, weapon assembly while blindfolded, marksmanship, one-rope bridge crossing and a canoe race at Weston Lake. In total, teams traveled more than 11 miles on foot."We do this event every six months to test our cadre, to make sure that we are subject matter experts in the tasks we train our newest Soldiers," said Col. Bryan Hernandez, 165th commander. "It is a healthy competition between our units, and when you see them four hours into the competition with sweat and fatigue, you also see the smiles because they enjoy getting tested and getting dirty. I expect our cadre to lead by example, and Lightning Challenge holds all of our leaders to the highest standards."