FORT JACKSON, S.C. (May 1, 2014) -- Students from W. S. Sandel Elementary School explored Fort Jackson's Recycling Center earlier this week."We're going to teach them how important it is to recycle," said Ernest Dicks, Recycling Center manager. "We have an outreach program here on Fort Jackson, where we visit different schools and mentor children and teachers on how to recycle."On Tuesday, though, fourth and fifth grade students from W. S. Sandel Elementary came to Fort Jackson, where they toured other locations on post before stopping by the Recycling Center.In addition to regular recycling duties, the post's recycling program also provides instruction for units on post about recycling. The Qualified Recycling Program is designed to reduce the amount of materials sent to the landfill, generate funds through the sale of materials, and support the Army's mission of environmental stewardship.The program accepts newspapers, magazines, plastic, aluminum cans, glass, cardboard, cooking oil and various kinds of paper products."We get a lot of cardboard," Dicks said. "We feed over 50,000 troops a year, and most of our cardboard is generated through the dining facilities."Few of the students visiting post for Tuesday's tour knew much about recycling. Dicks explained to them how the large-scale recycling program functions on Fort Jackson, as well as how children could show their parents how to put these concepts to work at home.