FORT BENNING, Ga., (April 30, 2014) -- MEDDAC defeated 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion 65-20, in Monday's game during the second round of the winners' bracket battalion-level basketball championship finals at Smith Fitness Center.

MEDDAC led 38-20 in the first half with both sides making multiple three-pointers. MEDDAC's defense grabbed rebounds, which helped them gain a further lead.

This was MEDDAC's first game.

"(We just came) ready to play and took advantage of what they gave us as far as the shot selection goes," said James Johnson, MEDDAC's coach. "I like for them to play loose and once we realized that we were getting easy layups we just built from there."

BSTB was unable to catch up during the second half, as the games leading scorer Brandon Sparks from MEDDAC, and Mallory Richardson held the most points. BSTB's coach Christopher Flippin led his team with the most points. MEDDAC had trouble keeping the ball away from Beryle Jordan.

"We scored a lot of rebounds but I think we could have did better by just boxing out better for the big man," Johnson said. "They got a lot of second looks because he was getting a hand on the ball."

Johnson said his team could improve on boxing out on defense so the other team only gets a chance at one shot.

"My objective was to give them only one shot offensively," He said. "So whenever you take a three-point shot, the ball goes long and it usually sets the other team up for a layup so we weren't able to capitalize on a lot of that."

Despite that Johnson said it was a great game.

"It's always better when you win," he said.